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Located in Ventura, CA, Caribbean Haven™ hails as the only Caribbean eatery in the County. We deliver a unique Island inspired fare using fresh, high-quality vegetables, meats and other natural ingredients, leveraging authentic cooking approaches and recipes and offering a memorable experience at a fair price.

Caribbean Haven Restaurants, Meal Planning and Catering specializes in pure DELICIOUSNESS! That deliciousness comes in the form of Authentic Island Cuisine™ including Caribbean cuisine, tropical juices and specialty drinks. You can nyam2 till your belly is full in the privacy of your own home through our meal plan service, or at your catered Island soiree, or come down to our location and listen to some reggae and merengue while you lime3 with us.

Our tagline, Authentic Island Cuisine™, represents our company’s values:
Authentic – we use traditional, fresh, quality ingredients, each sourced from its origin when available. Our food is slow cooked just as we do at home. We promise to stay true to the spirit of the cuisine.

Island – Hip! Exotic! Fresh! We promise an in-store (or Catered) experience reminiscent of the Islands.

Cuisine – in this instance, variety IS the SPICE of life. Island cuisine is a fusion of African, Amerindian (natives), European, East Indian, Arab and Chinese cooking. Our menu will always reflect the rich history and influences of these cultures as interpreted through the rich legacy of native Caribbean food culture. This mixture of influences has created a range of tastes and dishes that are truly savory and unique to the region.

Our taste is traditional, our presentation is innovative and our ingredients are high quality, the Caribbean Haven’s way!

Footnote: Caribbean slang
1 Ting – pronunciation of the word THING with a heavy Caribbean accent
2 Nyam – eat, stuff your mouth full
3 Lime – socialize, hang out
Bacchanal – festive party