• 5 star review  Great service and homemade food. Can't wait to get my hands on some beef Lumpia.

    thumb Laura Larrabee

    5 star review  I've recently experienced this amazing meal for my jobs holiday gathering. Everything from the Red Beans and rice to the Coconut Shrimp and Tri-Tip was Amazing!! The when you think it couldn't get any better I decided to try the Coleslaw, which I have to admit I'm not a slaw type of person but this one was so delicious with a kick of spice to it. Mmmmmm good!

    thumb Danisha Riley

    5 star review  Hutton knocked it out of the park for my office Christmas gathering at my home yesterday. Not only did he arrive with plenty of time for set up, he provided EVERYTHING we needed to keep the food warm and serve it. The food was fabulous, as usual, and there was hardly anything left after we all stuffed ourselves. His friendly personality just adds to the experience. This is a man who truly loves bringing the joy of his food to others. How fortunate we are to have him in Ventura. Yesterday's feast included jerk tri tip, coconut shrimp, crispy pineapple sugarcane wings and lumpia, Can't wait to try other things on his menu. Looking forward to the day when we can go to his restaurant!

    thumb Donna LaRocca Cole
  • 5 star review  This review is long over due. My now husband and I were looking for a caterer to host our wedding. We wanted something different and delicious. To have good food at our wedding was very important to us and looked everywhere and came across Caribbean Haven, from the first email exchange with Hutton he was professional and super helpful suggesting what would work best to make our special day extra special, and he worked with our budget. We decided to book Caribbean for our wedding on November 19, we are so glad we did! The day of our wedding everything looking amazing ,the food was to die for! everyone kept complimenting how good the food was specially the Jerk Chicken and Lumpia. My (now)husband is Filipino so I can assure you his family eaten a fair share of lumpia, but that day they would not stop complimenting how delicious the veggie and beef lumpias were and believe me, they are a tough crowd to please. I was so please with their service and how everything turned out at my wedding, it was very nice to hear our guest complimenting the food, which was our goal. Thanks Hutton ! Side note: A couple of days later one of friends hire Caribbean to host one of their party's, they had liked the food so much that they decided to hire him.

    thumb Mirna Solis Carbajal

    5 star review  Ordered here for the first time, and it was amazing. Its hard to get great food and great customer service in one and they've got it all. You must try it.

    thumb Steven Escobar

    5 star review  I absolutely enjoy ordering from here, from the customer service to the quality of the food. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this place! A+

    thumb Jee Perez
  • 5 star review  Had some for the first time and let me tell you .. It won't be the last!! I love me some Caribbean food and this is the most authentic I have found in the area.. Offering a combination of Philipino and Caribbean cuisines.. You will not be disappointed!! The Jerk Tri-tip is to die for!! Just go ahead and take my

    thumb Ron Williams

    5 star review  I recently came about this place from a FB sales page. I took my chances and I'm glad I did. I've been wanting some good authentic Lumpia and that is just what I got!! Ever since discovering this place a month ago I think I've made 4 orders. It's become addicting and I've seen to have my family hooked too. The lumpias are just perfect and the pancit is delicious! I've recommended this place to friends, they too can agree with me that the food is delicious! Highly recommend Caribbean Haven you will not be disappointed.

    thumb Jenny Ramos Ayala

    5 star review  We loved it the whole family enjoyed I just got in trouble for not getting your deserts. I am officially loyal customer!

    thumb Jess Soliz
  • 5 star review  Everything on the menu I've tried has been very good, but my favorites are Mango Curry Shrimp and BBQ Chicken. Can't forget the Rum Cake, it's the best I've ever had!

    thumb Pinkey John

    5 star review  Everything that I tasted was Excellent, love love the bakes & salt fish and the oxtails my god delish.

    thumb Shaundell Ogle

    5 star review  see my post...this is fantastic food. will order again soon

    thumb Jill Gribin
  • 5 star review  Wow the shrimp curry is fantastic! The dirty rice and chicken was a first for me, a new favorite!!

    thumb John Purcell

    5 star review  I was completely sold the minute I had the first bite! The food was absolutely fabulous. Every plate was fresh, full of flavor and simply delicious. My favorites are jerk tri-tip, empanadas and roti-ni filled with curry chicken.

    thumb Susan Pazokian

    5 star review  Shall the food and presentation speak the truth!

    thumb Bobby Joshua
  • 5 star review  To say it was delish is an understatement. Amazing flavors, fresh, perfect combinations and the Rum cake...simply the best!

    thumb Jackie Beairsto

    5 star review  Empanadas, jerk chicken, oxtail stew are all delicious! The rum cake is to die for!!

    thumb Joan Ford Tharp

    5 star review  Finally- Great Caribbean food near home. Fresh ingredients, full of flavor. Simple, choice pairings for every plate.

    thumb Koby Reynolds
  • 5 star review  Everything on the menu is outstanding!

    thumb Karlene Rogers-Aberman

    5 star review  Rastaman Pasta and Veggie Lumpia are real nice. The menu has many options for vegetarians.

    thumb Ras Jahfari


23 hours ago

Caribbean Haven Restaurant and Catering

JERK TRI-TIP TACO - we are working on some new menu additions. The first FUSION entree on the menu. Although we specialize in Caribbean and Filipino food, we don’t fuse the two. Entrees are authentic as it should be. No watering down of our food. Now, tacos are neither. We are going to infuse the Caribbean flavors in tacos and see what the results. This is the first of our trails. It’s good, but still need something to it to the next level. We will keep at it until we hit the sweet spot. Come get it, tell the world, share! 🙏🏾 #givethanks
#caribbeanhaven #caribbeanfood #foodporn #ventura #805 #venturacounty #oxnard #camarillo #filipinofood #catering #pinoyfood #westindian #buzzfeedfood #trinidad #guyana #caribbean #jamaica #Philippines #guyanaview #jamaicanfood #barbados #filipino @ Caribbean Haven Restaurant and Catering
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Our Logo, explained...Here’s a close-up of our logo(top). They are a few important things, the words themselves, “Caribbean” and “Haven”, the font, the coconut tree, and the green water coconuts. It’s all about the coconut. We used “Caribbean” because that was originally my intended focus. Food from all over the Caribbean. Filipino food came along later. “Haven” because we are not just selling food, but also nostalgia. One bite takes you back home to that safe place. Your mom, grandma, auntie, dad, or granddad’s kitchen. The font is happy, like the letters are dancing. If that’s not the the culture of the Caribbean, I don’t know what is. Americans travel to the Caribbean more than any other place in the world!!! Do you want to know why? That happy culture and food! Other than the letters, we used two images, one of a coconut tree bearing dried coconut fruits and the second, green coconuts. Why coconut other than obvious reasons??? So, right, coconuts are omnipresent in the Caribbean and Philippines Islands, and more significantly, coconut plays a important role in most of my recipes. Where you don’t think there’s coconut, there’s coconut! It’s my weapon of choice. It’s a major reason why the flavor of our food is at another level, I use coconut products for everything! I’ve mentioned many times I don’t use a lot of oil in our food and coconut is the reason why I’m able to do so. It has its own oil, the natural fat in the fruit. You find me one Chef, Cook, Grandma, Mom, etc. that does not use OIL(s) and/or processed FAT(s)to cook all their meat and stews: Curry, Oxtail, Goat, Chicken, and many more? Everyone uses oils to start their pot. No matter your race, religion, or ethnicity! And, then their was me. I avoid the processsed oils and use coconut products, excluding coconut oil. The only oil in those entrees are oil that was rendered from the meats. There you have it, the meaning behind our logo. Come get it, tell the world, share! 🙏🏾 #givethanks
#caribbeanhaven #caribbeanfood #foodporn #ventura #805 #venturacounty #oxnard #camarillo #filipinofood #catering #pinoyfood #westindian #buzzfeedfood #trinidad #guyana #jamaica
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Putting the final touches on tonight’s SPECIAL - BROWN STEW FISH Come get it, tell the world, share! 🙏🏾 #givethanks
#caribbeanhaven #caribbeanfood #foodporn #ventura #805 #venturacounty #oxnard #camarillo #filipinofood #catering #pinoyfood #westindian #buzzfeedfood #trinidad #guyana #caribbean #jamaica #Philippines #guyanaview #jamaicanfood #barbados #filipino
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3 days ago

Caribbean Haven Restaurant and Catering

More Roti for yuh rass bai. This one is wrapped with Curry Jerk Fries. Come get it, tell the world, share! 🙏🏾 #givethanks
#caribbeanhaven #caribbeanfood #foodporn #ventura #805 #venturacounty #oxnard #camarillo #filipinofood #catering #pinoyfood #westindian #buzzfeedfood #trinidad #guyana #caribbean #jamaica #Philippines #guyanaview #jamaicanfood #barbados #filipino @ Caribbean Haven Restaurant and Catering
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#Exceptional The most #Exceptionalist I’m an artist. I express myself through my food. Each plate is a representation of me, how I felt that moment in time said dish was created. It’s a reflection of me physically, emotional, intellectually, spiritually, and psychologically. One bite, it takes you places, as each meal has its own soul. It’s rich with me! My ancestry, my culture, my family, my knowledge. I am my food! I. am. Caribbean. Haven. The ROTI God has blessed me with a talent I’m humbled by anytime I shake one of these bad boy’s in my hand. That’s not an optical illusion folks, that Roti is that silky and soft. The proof is before you. Please do...Come get it, tell the world, share! 🙏🏾 #givethanks
#caribbeanhaven #caribbeanfood #foodporn #ventura #805 #venturacounty #oxnard #camarillo #filipinofood #catering #pinoyfood #westindian #buzzfeedfood #trinidad #guyana #caribbean #jamaica #Philippines #guyanaview #jamaicanfood #barbados #filipino
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